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Study in Australia is now the second most preferred destination for foreign students in the English-speaking world, following the United Kingdom. Most international students opt to study in Australia due to its rich cultural diversity, helpful locals, and high standard of education. The country also has a strong economic presence, which makes it a very attractive proposition for international students to settle permanently.

study in australia


Many schools in Australia offer scholarships or student grants to international students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers the Scholarships for International Students Program, awarding financial assistance to qualified applicants who are pursuing Australian degree courses or teacher training programs. The program covers the full range of international education and study, including research grants, exchange agreements, student visas, and registration and exam fees. Students can complete their studies in full while receiving an outstanding grade average by participating in this program.


There are several Australian universities that offer financial assistance to overseas students who register with Australian universities for a higher academic degree or teacher training. The Department of Education and Training Scholarship for International Students Program is one of these scholarship schemes. It awards financial assistance to eligible applicants for pursuing a higher education or teacher training in Australia. For eligible students, participation in Australia’s National Framework for Independent Colleges for Overseas Students (NFICCS) is a prerequisite for accessing this funding. This program also awards scholarships to overseas students who enroll in Australia’s Bachelor of Science program. The majority of eligible students from outside Australia are provided with Student visas, while some are granted Student Allowances, which allow them to work in Australia for two years or longer after graduating.


In addition to the Student visa, some foreign students are granted either a Skilled Practitioner Visa or an Australian Tertiary Financial Aid for study in Australia. The Skilled Practitioner Visa is usually awarded to skilled professionals who intend to pursue higher education in Australia. These professionals include doctors, engineers, academicians, computer programmers, and many more. The Australian Tertiary Financial Aid Program provides students interested in pursuing higher education in Australia with financial assistance to cover living and other expenses associated with attending college in Australia. A number of private universities and colleges also participate in the scheme.


A significant number of international students to pursue higher education in Australia under the Facilitated Visa program. These individuals are eligible to apply for the visa once they have acquired Australian citizenship. Australian universities and colleges participate in this scheme by granting Australian National Smart Visa and Australian Student Visa to eligible students.


Many overseas students who study in Australia also wish to pursue career opportunities in Australia. A further incentive for these individuals is the availability of Australian university placements and internships. As many people who study in Australia may not reside in Australia, the government has taken an initiative to assist foreign students to pursue a degree or diploma in Australia from non – Australian universities and colleges. The scholarships and bursaries offered by Australian universities and colleges to enable these students to reside and pursue their studies in Australia without having to leave the country. It is possible to find a large number of these placements and internships listed on the Internet. For those students who have a family in Australia, it is even easier to arrange for their family members to receive the financial assistance that is necessary to cover living costs while the student is enrolled in an Australian university or college.


Students who wish to study in Australia can also opt for the Australian Work Experience Visa. This visa allows non – Australian citizens to work in Australia for a certain period of time. Australian citizen who earn an additional Bachelor degree from an approved university or college in Australia and who intend to apply for a skilled jobs visa upon their exit from Australia can apply for the Skilled Immigration Visa, once they have reached the eligible age. There are many international students who find Australia a suitable study destination because of its beautiful and hospitable environment as well as its ability to offer quality education.


Once you have completed your chosen course and are eligible to enter the Australian National University or College, you will be required to register in an Australian university or college. Many international students prefer to find a place to stay in an Australian city where they are likely to receive affordable student accommodation. Finding cheap student accommodation in Sydney or Melbourne may be slightly more difficult but with a little research it is possible to find a suitable accommodation at an affordable price. There are many student accommodation options available in Australia, which include hostels, student apartments, serviced apartments and more.

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